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Dishing Up A Clean Shirt: DIY Rag Bib

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We go through a fair number of dish rags around our house. Every few months or so I find myself cutting up an old towel or running out to the dollar store to grab a new, unstained and rip-free stack for the kitchen. The old ones tend to wind up in the garage for a last run as a car wash rag or for random messy projects, but recently I decided to give an old rag another run around the block as a bib. It works great! The little guy doesn’t care that it has some tears and odd spots on it, it’s simply clean and it covers way more of his shirt than a regular bib. All I did was fold the rag in half, then in quarters, and cut a thin half-oval out of the top for munchkin’s head. Then, since he tends to get a very fair amount of food and/or art project on the front, I cut the rag up the back so I could remove it without pulling it up over his head. To keep it in place, I quick stitched a button on the back. When he’s done, I just toss the rag in the sink and give it a good rinse, then hang it up to dry for the next day. The best part is that, when he’s done with it, I can remove the button and pass it on to the garage rag pile and stitch up a new one in about five minutes.

Dish Rag Bib collage


Author: Kristin Hackler

Kristin Hackler is a freelance writer and editor. She currently lives in Charleston, South Carolina, with her husband, her son Edward, a hound dog and a very self-centered orange cat.

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